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Speech/Language PRESCHOOL Screenings

Are you a preschool and want to offer speech or language development screenings to your families?  Speech and language screenings are offered at your preschool location for children identified by teachers or parents as having possible speech and language concerns. 

*The purpose of a screening is to identify children that could benefit from further testing. Screenings are not evaluations and do not confirm or deny the presence of a communication disorder.

Early assessment and treatment of speech problems can help promote a child’s development and relationships.


To receive services through Children’s Therapy Services, a formal evaluation is required unless you have an evaluation completed within 6 months or your child is on a current IFSP or IEP. We provide single provider evaluations, team evaluations and in preschool classroom evaluations. 


Birth-5 years-  In order to identify your child’s strengths and areas of concern, we will use informal and formal assessment, observations, parent report, routine based assessment and review of records. Areas assessed may include language production and comprehension, and/or the prerequisite skills necessary for reading and spelling development (e.g., sound and letter knowledge, sequencing, oral narratives), fine and gross motor, visual motor, self-help skills, cognitive development, sensory and social emotional. We may want to observe your child in their preschool classroom if there are concerns at school. A final written report and recommendations will be provided.

6-17 years- Our therapists will perform a comprehensive and in-depth evaluation in order to identify your child’s strengths and areas of concern. We will use informal and formal assessments, observation, parent report and a review of provided education/medical records. A variety of assessments are available depending on the parental and student concern(s). These assessments can include fine motor, visual motor, hand writing, sensory processing, oral language comprehension/production, reading and spelling, articulation, and/or social communication/cognition abilities.

* Students are NOT required to have or qualify for an IEP to receive services at Children’s Therapy Services.

Speech Therapy  & OCCUPAtional ThErapy

Children ages birth-5 years- Early Intervention
Individual and group pediatric speech or occupational therapy sessions are offered at our Overland Park clinic in a play-based, family-friendly, direct therapy approach. Our therapeutic approach encourages functional skills that will help our clients today while decreasing the need for future services. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate in all therapies to help implement and support the child’s growth beyond therapy sessions. We are happy to work with other interventionists that may be working with your child.

Developmental delay- Early Literacy- Down Syndrome- Apraxia of Speech- 

Fine and Gross Motor- Visual Motor- Post Cast Stregthening & Coordination 

Social Skills- Autism Spectrum Disorder- Sensory- Articulation

Behavior concerns- Picky Eaters- Augmentative Communication- Sign Language- Parent Education


Children ages 6-17
Individual and group speech and occupational therapy sessions are offered at our Overland Park clinic for school age children. Sessions are planned based on the individual need of each child and families are encouraged to participate in all sessions. Many families love the supplemental speech, language and literacy intervention we provide in addition to school services. Parents are able to be more “in touch” with specific approaches and techniques by being involved in the sessions. We are happy to work and consult with other professionals including your child’s current school based SLP.

Articulation- Social Skills- Language Impairment- ADHD- Dyslexia- Visual Motor- Post Cast Strengthening & Coordination

 Reading Comprehension- Written Composition- Autism Spectrum Disorder

Specific Learning Disability- Parent Education- Sensory- Fine & Gross Motor


Private music therapy sessions are conducted by a board-certified music therapist. Services are provided to individuals of all ages with special needs, including autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, apraxia and sensory processing disorder. Private music therapy is offered in both one-on-one and group settings.

Music therapy provides a unique variety of music experiences in an intentional and developmentally appropriate manner to effect changes in behavior and facilitate development of skills. Music therapy is an evidence-based practice that includes assessment, treatment plan, goals, and ongoing evaluation and documentation.

Goals addressed during music therapy may include:

Improve verbal and nonverbal communication skills - Increase positive behaviors and decrease negative behaviors - Improve fine and gross motor functioning-Increase self-esteem - Improve social skills - Express emotions through music - Improve cognitive functioning - Increase sensory awareness and tolerance - Improve academic skills

Types of music interventions that take place during a session may include:
Instrument Playing - Singing - Music and movement - Improvisation - Song-Writing - Music Games - Learning through music - Music and Art - Sensory-Receptive music listening -
Adapted music lessons - Instrument Exploration

Parent Education

 Do you have questions regarding your child’s development or are you looking for support in areas of sleep, routines, transitions, safety, toilet training, increasing self-help skills, developmental milestones or language and listening?

Our experienced parent educator will meet with you to help build upon your families’ strengths, support you in areas of need, provide community resources and increase your overall confidence in raising healthy children. When parents understand child development, they use these foundations to provide age appropriate activities and strategies that encourage learning.


Marsha Tarr, has over 25 years of experience in parent education and is an early intervention specialist with Missouri First Steps. She will be happy to guide you through your child’s developmental milestones and support you in any concerns or questions you may have regarding child development.




CTS partners with local pediatric offices, childcare centers, and preschools to offer parent-centered workshops. We provide “outside the box” ideas to encourage language, social and cognitive development in young children as well as addressing issues and parent concerns. When parents understand child development, they use these foundations to provide age appropriate activities and strategies that encourage learning.

Our workshops are geared toward parents, preschool teachers and staff and can be combined or changed to meet the individual needs of your group or practice. We also work with Kansas childcare centers and preschools to provide professional development for their teaching staff. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a workshop or partner with CTS to offer our services at your school or place of business.

Our Partners

Located in Leawood, Kansas, our clinic is easily accessible by using Metcalf off of I-435. We would be happy to answer your questions and invite you to contact CTS if you have concerns about your child’s cognitive, speech, language, sensory, or social development.

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