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Spanish & English Services

Apraxia of Speech 

Play Skills

Exercise-Induced Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Expressive & Receptive Language Delays

Articulation and Speech Sound Disorders

Specific Language Impairment

Dyslexia/Reading Intervention

Specific Learning Disability

ADHD & Executive Functioning

Fluency - Stuttering

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Social & Prosody Therapy



Fine Motor Coordination

Gross Motor Coordination



Handwriting Without Tears

Feeding - Picky Eating & Problem Feeders

SOS Approach to Feeding

Visual Motor

Sensory & Sensory Processing

Hand-Eye Coordination

Muscle Strengthening


Zones of Regulation


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Established in 2002, Children's Therapy Services is locally owned, located in Overland Park, Kansas. We are proud to say that we have a highly educated and experienced speech and occupational therapy team with diverse clinical backgrounds, which sets us apart from other therapy clinics. Our mission is to maximize the potential of children by providing individualized, family-centered education and intervention services. Our approach is centered on using the child's strengths to grow new skills. We believe families are the most important part of therapy. We are here as a guide to implement and support your child's growth beyond our scheduled sessions. 

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