Welcome to Bjorem Speech

WELCOME!! We are excited that you have found us and cannot wait to share our NEW Speech Sound Cards with you! 


Bjorem Speech Sound Cues for the acquisition of speech and literacy is an evidence-based picture cueing set designed to help young children acquire sounds by giving each sound a meaning that is developmentally appropriate. The set contains 22 consonant cards and 12 vowel cue cards that are intuitive and make sense. 


We have so many fun creative ways to use the cards to help with early speech acquisition, motor planning of speech sounds, speech sound therapy, phonological awareness, and early literacy! 

A MUST HAVE sound picture cueing set that is easily incorporated into reading programs, classroom settings, play-based therapy or drill work and compliments any program when working with children on:


-Childhood Apraxia

-Early Acquisition of Speech

-Speech Sound Disorders

-Phonological Awareness

-Early Literacy & Emerging Readers

-Vowel Differences