Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy staff at CTS come from diverse clinical backgrounds and experiences. When a therapist is assigned to your family we base that referral on the need of your child and the experience of the treating therapist in that area of need. 


Occupational therapy is provided in our clinic-based setting and is one-on-one with a licensed Occupational Therapist. Families are always encouraged to be an active part of our therapy sessions in order to best carryover activities and skills outside of the therapy sessions. 


Our sessions are scheduled at 30 or 60-minute sessions and frequency is determined depending on the need of each individual child as a team with the family. 

Fine Motor Coordination

Gross Motor Coordination



Handwriting Without Tears

Feeding - Picky Eating

SOS Approach to Feeding

Visual Motor

Sensory & Sensory Processing

Hand-Eye Coordination

Muscle Strengthening


Zones of Regulation