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Pre-teens and adolescents therapy tailors to the needs of the client. Some of the approaches used are talk therapy, group therapy, activity (Art and Sand play) therapy. These forms of therapies allow the client to explore their thoughts and feelings with the distance of a metaphor of the activity, decreasing the fear of talking about the concern. With the safety of the activities, they are free to explore and resolve their issue.


Family therapy explores the needs and wants within each individual in the family system. Differences can lead to conflict and struggle with expectations within families. Family therapy focuses on the family as a system and not just an individual. Family therapy helps families work towards healthier relationships and better communication helping all members feel loved, heard, and accepted.


Child/Parent Relationship Training (C-P-R), or Filial Therapy, is an approach used by play therapists to educate parents to become therapeutic agents with their own children. Parents are taught basic child-centered play therapy principles and skills including reflective listening, recognizing and responding to children’s feelings, therapeutic limit setting, and building children’s self-esteem. Parents learn how to create an empathetic and supportive environment at home.


Group therapy helps children create a strong sense of self-worth.  We offer small groups for children to work on strengthening the skills they need to successfully build and maintain social relationships.


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